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Point System Reward

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 27, 2015 8:17 am

The Point System has several minor awards:
-Decorations and medals for signatures
-Possibly badges in the future
-Fancy signatures
-Other possible awards, open to suggestions

The main reward for winners of the Point System:
-The winning Rank for the month creates their own plot line for the rest of the characters to role play.
-Each Rank that wins creates their own ideas and areas for the forum to use for one month.
-When their time is up, it switches out to the winner of the next month, and the thread is closed.
-Only the winning Rank of the month can post Plot lines
-They have to be your original ideas
-If the winning Rank wishes to reopen one of their old threads, they may do so after consulting with Admin

Rules for Plotlines
-Follow all the site rules (General and Role play)
-There is a 200 word post minimum. The Plot Line introduction is the only exception to the rule
-You must provide a general plot line, plot schedule, and a picture if possible
-Minor cursing is allowed
- For intense content, we require TRIGGER WARNINGS, placed in the title of your thread title so they are clearly visible. They are as follows: L: Crude Language (only if there is strong use)
V: Violence
G: Gore
(Talk with Admin about the topic of your plot line if it's questionable)
-You may only post in past tense. Either first-person or third-person is fine, though third-person is more traditional.
No God-modding or Power-playing, obviously.
-Graphic fights are allowed, to a certain degree, but be realistic about the extent of the injuries.
Talk with Admin if you have questions
-The thread should not include killing other people's characters without their permission.
-You may post anywhere in the Role Play grounds, or if needed, talk with admin if you need to create an area

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